Sitting in the grass
staring at the stone between us
under rain I'm breathless now.
Now I know why i was so empty
growing pain inside of me.

I wanna suffer for you
I wanna cry for all
but I'll die alone.

(The) last link in the chain
I said goodbye
to you for the last time.
I said i'm coming back
but my eyes
said no.

If you only knew what the wild dusk whispers!

Rising going down and falling asleep
waking up and
stabbin again
stabbin again

I erased all the past,
that was the last between us
I’m afraid it’s over now
now i know why i was so hated...
growin pain inside me

I'll keep your memories forever
digging your grave with my bare hands
standing in the night next to the fire
watching you now
the world is falling at our feet.

Rising going down and falling asleep
waking up and
stabbing again
stabbing again



from Disguised queen (EP), track released February 27, 2013



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Slammin' Thru Galicia, Spain

Slammin' Thru is a band formed in A Coruña (Spain) at late of 2002 by David (vocals), Alberto (guitar), Óscar (guitar), Guts (bass) and Irra (drums).

The sound and style of the band is close to progressive rock bands like Queensryche or Dream Theater, and gathers the influences of all the members, which go from classic rock, progressive metal, and 80s-90s rock.
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